Angel Meditation – Spend Time With Your Guardian Angel

Find a comfortable place, relax… your feet flat on the floor.

Take a deep breath in, and release. Take another deep breath and release, taking gentle breaths through out this meditation.

Archangel Michael please place a golden globe of protection over each of us taking this meditation and only allow the purest energies to come through

You find yourself in the most idyllic place – You are walking along a sandy beach, there is a gentle breeze, it warms your face and caresses your hair. You are feeling carefree, all your worries have been released, you are enjoying the moment. Barefoot, the sand is warm to the touch, it gently glides to mould each step you take. The clear crystal blue sea idly laps the shore. You notice a large conch shell, you sit beside it and pick it up. It is perfectly formed, look at its shape, the beautiful markings it has on its shell. You wish to share this perfect moment, ask for Your guardian angel to share it with you. Your guardian angel sits with you smiling, happy and radiating so much love for you. You can feel your Angels love, there is no feeling like it in the world. A dragonfly flies around you, the beautiful colours of his coat reflect in the sun. What colours can you see ?
The dragonfly is bringing to you a greater understanding – a gift for you as reflect, you realise why you have reached this moment. Take a time to sit with your guardian angel, sharing this beautiful moment. Feeling the warm breeze! You both look up at the beautiful blue sky.

Your guardian angel begins to step back but assures you they are with you always, it is time for you to come back in to the room.
You still feel warm and content. Have a stretch and wiggle your fingers and toes.

Thank you for joining me, we will ground you before you go about your daily life. Take a deep breath in and release, imagine roots going down, down, down to the ground, right down, further and further to the earth’s core.

Lots of love Angel blessings

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