How Often Would You Have Angelic Reiki?

How Often Would You Have Angelic Reiki?

I gave Angelic Reiki to a Lady last week who thought you only had Reiki when you felt unwell. This is a myth. Angelic reiki can be given at any time. Regularly receiving reiki will help keep you healthy, fighting off any illnesses.

If you feel stuck, run down, tired, there may be factors in your daily life causing these. It will help lift you and release any thing that is inhibiting you.

It can give you clarity to your thoughts, when you are looking for answers. Very relaxing and calming. If you suffer from stress or anxiety or if you are grieving, it will help.

The beauty of Angelic Reiki is, if you are attuned to it, you can heal yourself with the angelic energy.

Another wonderful thing about Angelic Reiki is it is natural, it can be given to children, and the animal kingdom too. It works along side more traditional medicine, and can help long term conditions.

If you would like to try it for yourself, please contact Anne Elizabeth Woodcock on 07966 302468. The session is for an hour and includes Chakra Balancing. I also teach Angelic Reiki, if you would like to be attuned to it. 

I will leave you to answer the question – how often would you have Angelic Reiki?

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