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  • The most powerfully shifting attunements I have ever experienced ( been attuned to Ushi, Kundalini, Seichem Reiki too ). I am now able to call in the Angels so they can heal me, heal others, past lives. I can call in Archangels and higher Galactic beings easily. The more I open up and channel their energy the quicker and easier it becomes. Their vibrations are so soothing, euphoric. I can see situations, people close to me, others as if for the first time. Its been an awakening for me of the highest order. I am privileged to of found Anne, our attuner, guide. She set the atmosphere so perfectly , to invite the Angels. Gracious and generous with her time, going over schedule so we could all express ourselves, explore the journey.
    ( Anne picked me and another lovely lady up in Leeds , driving us there and back, so we would not have to struggle with public transport, her generosity self explanatory. We drove back from Birstall ( An ancient building with lay lines running beneath ) as the sun set orange and pink ).
    As we were led to the Angles “palace,” our final initiation, the Angels cheered ” finally you’ve made it! Time to be responsible, grow up, get serious. ” I was told.
    A sacred experience. If you are called to work as a light being, in whatever form that lifts and stirs you, take the leap. Anne will guide you with courage, conviction and honour. She is a channel for the Angels to come to Earth, so us mortals can fulfil our missions, paths, destiny. Some will heal, others attune, become activists, artists, writers, public speakers, lovers of human and animal kind, become a friend, an ally to the lost, dream weavers.
    One strange occurrence is the growing self respect I have acquired since. The need to nurture the child within, no more neglect of her. For this is how I will serve others.
    Blessings, join us x

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